Prerequisites for Open Ria Services

[ This document was written for WCF Services Version 1 Service Pack 2 and might not be up to date Please see Release Notes or Changelog for a list of changes since WCF RIA Services ]

The walkthroughs and other demonstrations presented in the Open Ria Services SP2 documentation require several prerequisite programs be installed and configured. Detailed instructions are provided in this section for the satisfaction of these prerequisites, to ensure that the end user encounters as few problems as possible when getting setup to work through the Open Ria Services walkthroughs and, more generally, when using the product.

Installing Prerequisites

Visual Studio or Visual Studio 2012, the Silverlight Developer Runtime, SDK, and Toolkit and Open Ria Services and its Toolkit must be installed before attempting to complete the Open Ria Services walkthroughs. Entity Framework 4.1 is also needed for the code-first approach walkthrough. Here are the installation points for these programs:

  • Visual Web Developer 2010 Express or any retail version of Visual Studio or 2012. Click on the Install Now button to install this version of Visual Studio and the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform.

[!WARNING] If you are using an express, and not a retail, version of Visual Studio, then you must install the Visual Web Developer 2010 Express edition to use Open Ria Services. Other express editions will not work.

[!NOTE] This upgrade is, in fact, optional as Open Ria Services SP2 will work with one of the versions of Visual Studio installed in accordance with the instructions above.

[!NOTE] It is not necessary to uninstall Silverlight 4 SDK, as Open Ria Services SP2 will work with Silverlight 5 SDK and Silverlight 4 SDK installed side by side on the machine.

[!NOTE] Note that it is not necessary to uninstall earlier versions of Open Ria Services as the Open Ria Services MSI will upgrade earlier versions of the product.

[!WARNING] Earlier version of the Open Ria Services Toolkit must be uninstalled before installing the latest version.

Warning: Silverlight has two runtimes: one for end users and one for developers. Installing the Silverlight Developer Runtime is a precondition for installing Open Ria Services. Having the end user runtime installed will also cause various issues during Silverlight development itself. If, for example, you get a message that you are unable to start debugging because the Silverlight Developer Runtime is not installed, then you have the wrong runtime installed and need to replace it with the developer runtime.

Warning: To use cloud storage via SQL Azure with Open Ria Services applications, you need to have the ASP.NET Universal Providers that add provider support in ASP.NET 4 for SQL Azure. These providers also support all editions of SQL Server 2005 and later. These are installed with Visual Studio 2012, but need to be installed using the Nuget Package Manager for relevant projects in Visual Studio. For instructions on how to do this, see Universal Providers enable Cloud-based Storage in Open Ria Services

There are more detailed walkthroughs provided in this section for the two additional prerequisites: installing and configuring SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Advanced Services and installing the AdventureWorks OLTP and LT database.

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